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Mr. Hive Kitchen and Bar
8 Whiteman St
(inside Crown Metropol, Level 1)


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Thought I’d start my new blog with a bit of a bang!
My sister and I recently went to Mr. Hive for the dessert degustation for my birthday ‘dinner’, her shout of course. It’s $45 each, with an option of the matching wines for an extra $25 which I gladly took up. It’s more than worth the value with the amount of sugar that you get - but be warned that you need to prepare your stomachs for this as it is quite a lot of dense, heavy food.
For now, it’s only up for grabs on Friday and Saturday nights from 6:00 - 6:45pm and bookings are advised as the dessert bar only seats 6 people max.

1. ‘Pre-dessert’ - Ricotta cheesecake with yuzu, ginger and seeds
Wish this one could have been an actual main instead, it was so light and delicious. The sorbet (some sort of lime sorbet) was the highlight, cutting through the cheesecake perfectly while the yuzu curd added another hint of citrus.

2. White chocolate, mango, basil and coconut
Wine: Grande Maison, 2007 Monbazillac, France

This is going to become my favourite wine. Not knowing much about dessert wines, this one blew me away with the strong flavours, reminding me of white peaches.

Especially filling. But the flavours matched beautifully though every time I had a mouthful of the basil sorbet by itself I kept thinking of bruschetta. The coconut mousse wasn’t as heavy as I expected, but the layer of the dense white chocolate ganache at the very bottom made the dessert a little hard to eat as the whole serving.


3. Rhubarb compote on yoghurt mousse and Sichuan ice cream
Wine: Rhubarb and Berries Cocktail

Let me start by saying this cocktail was absolutely to die for, and more than made upfor the $25 value. I can’t remember exactly what was in it except fresh rhubarb and house-made vanilla vodka, and I am an absolute sucker for anything with vanilla vodka in it. More so here as they make their own vanilla vodka by infusing vanilla beans in vodka for about a week!

The dessert itself was just the right amount of sweetness and tartness from the rhubarb, while the ice-cream (which was delicious on its own) cut through it very well. And the little milk cookies took me back to my childhood.


4. Mrs Hive’s chocolate bar with peanuts and caramel
Wine: Patrizi Moscato D’asti, 2010 Piedmont, Italy

The wine was very dense and strong in its raisin flavour which suited the rich course of dessert perfectly.

From the first mouthful, this dessert was just stunning, and it wasn’t hard to see why it was one of the most popular desserts at Mr. Hive. The bottom had a crunchy layer from dried-up crepes while the smooth chocolate mousse was made from ‘one of the best’ dark chocolates you can get - and you could tell. The ice-cream tasted exactly of peanuts without being too over sweet. They surprised me with a personalised ‘Happy Birthday’ plate, but the icecream fell off just as I took the picture :(


Chocolate milk with a salted caramel truffle: The salted caramel truffle was heavenly, though we were advised to have it in one mouthful as the centre was liquid. It was followed up with a velvety and rich chocolate milk in the cute mini milk glass bottles.

Take-home sweets: No photo of the actual sweets, but each had their own qualities and a sweet gesture to go home on.

All in all, a wonderful experience at Mr. Hive though it’ll be awhile before I have another dessert degustation.

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