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Silo by Joost
123 Hardware Lane
Melbourne 3000


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It’d been ages since we caught up, so a good friend and I went to grab a late lunch. She suggested we go to Silo as we’d been to Joost itself when it set up a pop-up restaurant back in the Melb Food & Wine Festival of 2012. The practices they employ here are indeed very sustainable and organic, using good produce and simplicity in a sense.

It’s just opposite Hardware Societe so is often overshadowed, but this small quaint little cafe offers some amazing food. There’s just one long communal table (or maybe some other bar stools..), with the small kitchen just right next to you - so you can watch the chef preparing your meal.

We started off with a coffee each, our second one each for the day, as we couldn’t resist going for one of theirs. A piccolo for me and an iced coffee for my friend. What we remember from Joost was the cups and bowls, all recycled in one way or another. Terracotta pots painted partially in white, cut-up beer and wine bottles for water glasses - they really make an effort to recycle as much as they can.

The menu reflects seasonal produce and what they are able to get their hands on at the time, hence the menu is simply written on a blackboard consisting of only about five or six items. We chose to order two and share them:

  • Mutton, candy beetroot & buckwheat - We weren’t sure what to expect but it definitely wasn’t this. The flavours that they packed into it were amazing - the lamb was tender and bursting with all the juices that you can mop up with the buckwheat and grains mix.
  • Roast parsnip, apple, radish & herbs - Again with this dish, they have packed so many complimentary flavours together to make an amazing dish. The flavours were more subtle in this but instead gelled very well together. Parsnip has never been a ‘wow’ vegetable for me but this may have just changed it.

The experience was amazing, wouldn’t mind going every season or so to check out their changing menu. The menu names don’t seem to inspiring but the actual food more than makes up for it!

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